Eynon GMC has always been committed to offering the best selection of new GMC vehicles the greater Scranton area has to offer, and now we're gonna help you maintain that new car smell for years after your purchase.

Studies have shown that cars are one of the unhealthiest environments we spend time in with our families every day. With DrivePur, you can change all that, and fast.

DrivePur is a water-based, eco-friendly concoction that you apply to the inside of your car to coat the interior and protect it from the buildup of allergens, mold, germs, and bacteria that you may not even notice living in your vehicle.

Unlike some other interior cleaners DrivePur doesn't use harsh chemicals with strong odors to mask the natural odors in your car and give the appearance of a clean car. It works quickly to simply remove the odors in your car that are already there like that spilled coffee or the road trip with your four legged best-friend.

To learn more visit Eynon GMC and we'll be happy to tell you more about the great new car cleaner, DrivePur.